Monday, August 16, 2010

LETTER: Don't move 'choke point' to 260/Tyler

Frankly I'm baffled that ADOT thinks that moving the "choke point" from 87/260 to 260/Tyler will reduce congestion. As far as I can tell it will only move the congestion to SV.

As a business owner in Star Valley, I will tell you it is already a problem for customers/tenants to enter 260 during the week, and a near impossibility during heavy traffic weekends. On major holidays, traffic will on occasion back up into Star Valley. I believe moving the "choke point" to 260/Tyler will ensure that traffic backs up into Star Valley.

I think Arizona should look at the option of extending the bypass to a point east of Star Valley and making it a toll road. California was always opposed to toll roads, but has found them in fact to be very effective.

We need to get over the stigma of charging to use a roadway. If Arizona "prohibits" toll roads, then lets change the law. A law should not be considered "set in stone" if in fact a change would be for the good.

Highways were called "Free" ways for a reason (they were free), but we need to move on. Commercial vehicles would be happy to pay a toll to save what I'm sure amounts to at least 15 minutes each trip, and up to an hour on some trips.

If someone needs to use services in town they can. If they don't need services, then the local businesses will have lost nothing, except the aggravation of heavy traffic. Further, a toll road would generate funds for future maintenance of the roadway.

Greg Mulligan

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