Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Republican 'tax plan' is getting bad reviews from the public—and from Republican allies

Failure on parade.
The public is not buying the Republican spin on their new would-be "tax plan." They're not buying the spin at all.
But nearly 60 percent of people believe corporations won't "use that money to create jobs," according to the CBS poll. [...]
The plurality of respondents — 39 percent — say they don't have an opinion about whether the tax plan is good or bad, according to NBC/WSJ. Just over one-third said it's a bad idea, and 25 percent said it's a good idea. [...]
CBS found that 58 percent of Americans believe taxes on the wealthy should be higher.
This is polling that took place before the details of the bill were even revealed. Now that Republicans have presented it, however, it's not just voter opinion that Republicans will need to reckon with; the virulently anti-tax Club for Growth is furious it didn't go far enough, while the National Federation of Independent Business said the bill “does not help most small businesses.”

The housing industry wants none of it—the National Association of Home Builders, noting that about one-third of the homes in California alone would suddenly be stripped of the mortgage interest deduction, went to far as to speculate on the bill “potentially causing housing recessions.”

So yes, it's another dead fish of a bill from a Republican Congress so up their own behinds in ideological rhetoric that they can't be bothered to notice that even their actual supporters bloody hate the legislation they're trying to pass. It's "Obamacare repeal" all over again, and for the same reason: To try to shove through a tax windfall for the very richest Americans, and to hell with what happens to the rest of you.

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