Monday, July 12, 2010

Overman Designs robber arrested, behind bars

Thanks to some fancy police work, the man who burglarized Overman Designs, a jewelry store located at 207 E. Arizona Highway 260 in Payson, is now behind bars.

During the burglary, jewelry items and display stands were taken. The subsequent investigation, which involved both general detectives and the special enforcement unit, led to the arrest of Daniel E. Spedding (38) of Scottsdale, who was quickly identified along with the vehicle he used to commit the burglary.

With the cooperation and assistance of the Scottsdale Police Department, a search warrant was executed on July 9 upon Mr. Spedding, his residence, and the vehicles he uses which were in the Scottsdale area. During the search of these places, most, if not all, of the stolen jewelry and display stands were recovered.

Also located in his residence were useable amounts ofmethamphetamine and a firearm. Some of the stolen jewelry was being worn by Mr. Spedding’s wife and was recovered from her.Mr.

Spedding was transported from Scottsdale to the Gila County Jail in Payson where he was booked for charges of third degree burglary, felony theft, and criminal damage. Scottsdale Police will be handling the drug and weapon offenses.

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