Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sorry Trump: Obamacare enrollment was an unbelievable success!

Protesters carry signs during a health care rally in front of Trump Tower on July 29, 2017 in New York.  / AFP PHOTO        (Photo credit should read /AFP/Getty Images)
We won another round.
This is pretty incredible, considering the enrollment period was cut in half, the advertising budget was slashed 90 percent, and popular vote loser Donald Trump spent the entire year declaring Obamacare dead. Take this, Trump:

And there are 10 states, including the District of Columbia, where enrollment is still open. Last year’s enrollment was 9.2 million, not that much larger considering the fact that there was an extra month’s enrollment period and an administration committed to making sure word got out. This performance has health experts stunned.

This shows just what the resistance can do. It shows what the resistance WILL do. Trump and the Republicans finally had success in repealing part of the law with their tax cuts for the filthy rich bill, and that could mean the loss of health insurance for 13 million people. But maybe it won’t. Maybe we won’t let it.
This fight is far from over.

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