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One year later . . . Trump supporters are STILL not welcome in my house this holiday.

ORLANDO, FL - MARCH 5: Supporters cheer as republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event at the CFE Federal Credit Union Arena in Orlando, FL on Saturday March 05, 2016. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
You are still not welcome in my house.

The past 12 months have proven that my worst fears about Trump were well founded — and that people who continue to support him are not worthy of being called my friends.

On December 25, 2016, I posted my first Daily Kos story, “Why Trump voters are not welcome in my house this holiday” explaining that my wife and I had cancelled our 20 year tradition of a “post-Christmas” party because I did not want to welcome Trump supporters into my house. 
The original story appeared on December 25, 2016 in the Daily Kos
The story appeared early on Christmas Day, and — to my shock — went semi-viral. Within 48 hours, It generated about a thousand comments on the DailyKos site, as well as tens of thousands on Facebook. There were nearly 70,000 likes on Facebook from people who linked to the article, and it was read by hundreds of thousands worldwide. I heard from long lost friends and even people in the Dallas area offering to be NEW friends.
One of several examples of right wing nut jobs going crazy 
Right wing nutjobs went predictably crazy. I was flattered to have my story featured (and reprinted nearly word for word) on multiple conservative sites, with headlines like the one here.  You know the old adage:  “all publicity is good publicity”.  I was also honored by one right wing site by having my comments (linking Trumpism to the early days of Nazi Germany) associated with liberal luminaries ranging from Rachel Maddow, to Paul Krugman, to Charles Blow — who had made similar comparisons. 

Now a year later, I was asked by several people to reflect on the past 12 months — and to state whether or not i now welcome Trump supporters Inside my house.

the answer is still NO.

As I noted 12 months ago, my objections to Trump supporters go far beyond political differences.

In raising three boys, two of whom are now adults, my wife and I always tried to teach the right values. Perhaps the single thing I am proudest about is how many people tell us what a good job we’ve done raising our kids.

We’re not perfect parents, nor are we a perfect family. However, our home does have its own creed. It’s not spoken like the Boy Scout Oath (BTW, we have two Eagles and a third on the way), but we do try to live it every day.
In our home, we . . .
  • believe in Patriotism. 
  • require Honesty. 
  • revere Integrity.
  • cherish Honor.
  • demand Respect.
  • treasure Dignity
  • insist on Charity
To welcome anyone still supporting Donald Trump into our home would be a betrayal of those values.  Donald Trump is an illegitimate President, birthed by a father of bigotry and a mother of fear. He is supported by a basketful of deplorables, nourished by a combination of ignorance, resentment, hate and lies — all of which were nurtured by a Russian conspiracy to wreck our Democracy.
How can any person with a decent moral compass continue to support a monster who:
  • is a Traitor — since he apparently favors the well-being of Russia over America
  • is a Liar — since starting on day one, the compulsive deceit has emanated from the White House (remember the inaugural attendance “alternative facts”?)
  • is Corrupt — since he lines the pockets of his friends and supporters with tax cuts and friendly deregulation
  • is Immoral — since the only value he adheres to is what’s in his own self-interest
  • is a Bigot — since he treats people who are different with contempt, based simply on their nationality, creed or religion
  • is a Buffoon — since he has debased the sacred dignity of the Presidency and the Oval Office
  • is Greedy — since he places his own well-being above that of the less fortunate
I am not so naive as to believe that I can totally avoid Trump supporters. I cannot close off my life from all people with whom I disagree, no matter the hypocrisy of their value systems.

I will continue work with them professionally in a business setting, and speak to them cordially in the streets and stores and schools. I cannot change their narrow-mindedness. 

But my home is different. It is the one place where a set of core values can remain sacrosanct.

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