Friday, December 22, 2017

Right-wing groups waging online campaign against new Star Wars films because ... too many women

Ewwwww. She's a girl!!!!
If you hadn’t heard, the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released. In it a band of terrorists, seduced by the dark side of the force, do battle against a group of humans hoping to save humanity and freedom for all beings in the galaxy. I haven’t had a chance to see the film myself, so NO SPOILERS in the comment thread! However, I plan to see the movie even though, according to racist and sexist right-wing idiots, Star Wars has been turned into Cuck-Wars! According to InsideWire, a bigoted group that calls itself Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys has been waging an online campaign against the new films, by bringing down their RottenTomato “user score.”
The number is in direct contrast to the film’s A CinemaScore and 92% critic score on the website, which has made some question what exactly is going on. A moderator for the alt-right group has broken his silence to The Huffington Post to claim that the group has been using bots to significantly bring down the film’s Rotten Tomatoes user score.
The moderator explained to The Huffington Post that the group is upset with “Star Wars” for “introducing more female characters into the franchise’s universe.” The group is also not happy that Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) has become a “victim of the anti-mansplaining movement” and that characters like Poe and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) are in danger of being “turned gay.” The moderator said men should be “reinstated as rulers of society,” and expressed distaste for the way “The Last Jedi” disrespects the franchise’s history.
That’s so true. Everybody is turning gay! And girls have COOTIES!

Ewwww. Captain Phasma is a girl!!!!

“There were supposed to be a trilogy of books and then some after set in the Legends canon. But [Lucasfilm executives] Kathleen Kennedy and Pablo Hidalgo wanted to pursue their own feminist [sic] agenda,” the moderator wrote to The Huffington Post. “I was never going to like ‘The Last Jedi’ anyway because [it] erases everything the Extended Universe ever did.”
They’ve convinced me. When I first watched Star Wars as a young child, I was taken with the simple and magical and exciting story of a young hero learning to become a Jedi Master in order to fight for the side of good against evil. I learned that fear and anger turned people toward the dark side, and love and sticking to one’s ideals would persevere. Of course, what I realize now is that Star Wars was about how girls have cooties and boys are super awesome.

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