Wednesday, April 4, 2018

NRA spokesperson 'concerned' for Parkland shooting survivors, even one with 'sassy mouth'

Sick to death of having to hear from mass shooting survivors.

Yelling about the outrageousness of listening to teenagers and muttering about all the nefarious conspiracies that must be at work trying to convince the survivors of a school mass shooting to have opinions on not getting shot haven't been working, so National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch took to her program last Friday evening to try a different approach: Being very, very disappointed in these Parkland, Florida kids as a mom.
And I'm concerned for these kids. And they can, you know, doubt me and everything all that they want to, but look, y'all can get mad but I'm a mother. I see my kids in you. And I assure you I'm concerned, and the adults around you should be also.
Yes, the National Rifle Association's lobbying and propaganda arm is very "concerned" about you kids today and your crazy, crazy opinions on not being shot at in school. But mostly Dana is concerned that these kids have what adults know to be sass-mouth. A terrible, terrible case of sass-mouth.
Take David Hogg, who we've shown you before. He has a sassy mouth on him! I've heard kids have a sassy mouth before but they haven't been given a national platform and been allowed to shape policy by networks like CNN and MSNBC. Now he was recently reported by TMZ, he was upset that he didn't get accepted to some colleges that he wanted to go to despite having changed the world. Any kid is upset if they're not accepted by some of the colleges they apply to!
That really is American culture, in a nutshell. It continues to be acceptable to advocate for war crimes and torture, and to demand the right to be able to efficiently murder, and heaven knows having affairs with people you admire from their pornographic videotapes is nothing to get worked up about, nor child molestation, but when the teens today have sass then the twitching patriots polishing their weapons look up and tsk about the state of things today. Honestly, to live to see the day when shooting survivors are allowed to have sass. 

But you probably already know where this is heading: The reason Dana Loesch is going from conspiracy monger stoking suspicion over teenage survivors of a mass shooting coming out with strong opinions on mass shootings to Officially Concerned Mom Just Looking Out For You is because advertisers began abandoning Fox spitemonster Laura Ingraham for her comments about David Hogg and these teens today and their adult enablers are just out of control.

This isn't persecution. She made one comment. [...] The response was to try to destroy her life, and her career, and the jobs and careers of everybody who worked with her. Now, forget overreaction. This is unacceptable. And if I'm going to be the only adult in the room to say it so be it, it's unacceptable. He's seventeen years old, reacting like teenagers react. That's to be expected. I—my goodness. Hello. The adults, though? They don't have an excuse.
We were then treated to the spectacle of one of the NRA's top propagandists for the "natural" right of NRA members to murder people shifting gears to quote from the Bible and tutter about how refusing to forgive Ingraham is so, you know, graceless.

Where is the grace? [...] I've long said that grace and consequence, grace and—grace and justice, mercy and justice, all of this, they can all coexist but the consequences already being delivered as out of proportion as I may believe it to be. Now these teenagers are showing the way? Fine, show it. Offer grace, and then have that discussion you're saying you want to have.
The National Rifle and Jesus Association is right, we are expected to say, after listening to eons of NRJA spokescreatures determinedly warn that their members have the right to murder other Americans, and even members of the government itself, when the Great Purge comes. This effort to retaliate against a mean-spirited troll who repeatedly mocks and belittles everyday Americans in service to her far-right cause is, ahem, the real problem here.

Indeed, it seems that nothing gets the attention of far-right conspiracy peddlers and professional victim-mockers faster than the hint that there might be financial repercussions for such behaviors. Nothing sends them into victim mode faster; nothing sends them scurrying for Bible verses with such urgency. Go figure.

For the record, The Teens Today do indeed exhibit sass, from time to time. When they hide in closets from mass murderers executing their friends and classmates, they occasionally use sass-words. When they demand that a generation of pudding-headed moral cowards at bare minimum return to the same gun laws that America thought self-evident, or go the extra step of maybe seeking to ensure the habitually violent do not get access to firearms at all, they may even raise their voice from time to time. It is an unsavory, cruel time, full of sass words and rampant murders and cynical, cynical trolls shouting Bible verses to nodding old men stroking their rifles. Truly, dark days indeed.

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