Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sean Spicer: It's 'inappropriate' to ask whether Trump's businesses will be making things in U.S.

This is a file photo because the press is no longer allowed to record Spicer giving his remarks.
During the kickoff to the White House's "Made in America Week", an event which may or may not have been orchestrated simply to give Donald the opportunity to sit in a fire truck, press secretary Sean Spicer returned to his no-cameras-allowed podium after a long absence to promote the latest White House rhetoric and pretend at indignation when reporters naturally asked if the companies Trump and offspring still own will be themselves following through on that rhetoric.
Asked if any of the Trump family brands will commit to no longer manufacturing goods abroad, Spicer said the president’s agenda focuses on making sure “all companies can hire here, can expand here, can manufacture here.” On the Trump family’s companies, however, Spicer said, “It’s not appropriate for me to stand up here and comment about a business. I believe that is a little out of bounds.”
Really now, why do they hide this guy. He's a national treasure. He may single-handedly be keeping the nation's comedy writers afloat.

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