Friday, July 21, 2017

GoodNewsRoundup Trump is a total loser and only getting losing-er but the Resistance is strong

Trump’s popularity is sinking as we remain strong

Support for the president is more tepid, but opposition is increasingly inflamed.
Yes, he has his base of support, but new polls suggest that there are fewer who are passionate about him while those of us who are passionately against his assail on our democracy are growing stronger.

 no more than 1 in 4 Americans believe passionately in him or his presidency at this juncture.
That is striking.  remember, 25% of people stuck with Nixon until the end.
Across the battery of questions in the survey, Trump’s hardcore base of support appears to be about a quarter of the public, give or take:
  • 24 percent say that, since taking office, Trump has “acted in a way that’s fitting and proper for a president of the United States.” Seventy percent say Trump has acted in a way that is “unpresidential.”
  • 24 percent approve of Trump’s use of Twitter. Just 13 percent strongly approve. Two-thirds disapprove of the president’s use of social media, and 53 percent strongly disapprove.
  • Compared with previous presidents, 23 percent think “Trump is doing a better job than most.” While 17 percent say he’s doing a “much better” job, 38 percent think he’s doing “much worse.”
In my opinion, we need to stop focusing on the 25% who will stand by him to the end.  It is weird and frustrating that they won’t see logic, but we don’t need them to beat him and I am tired of worrying and thinking about why they still support him.

Those people are unlikely to see logic and so lets move on.

Even 538 says Trump is tanking their headline is: Six Months In, Trump Is Historically Unpopular
Barring a sudden turnaround this week, Trump will conclude his first six months in office as the most unpopular president, at that point in his first term, since modern polling began.
Trump, who was historically unpopular as a presidential candidate, has become more so as his term has gone on: His net approval rating was slightly positive (+4) when he first took office, and he averaged a net approval rating of -2 over the first month of his term. That means his net approval rating has fallen 14 points since his first month in office, or a bit less than three points per month.2
And remember, he is this unpopular while skating on Obama’s economy and stability.

So the polls show very good news.

We need to protect our democracy and take our country back from those who don’t care about our basic principles.

 The less popular Trump is, the easier that will be.

Speaking of Nixon, impeaching Trump is more popular now than impeaching Nixon was at the start of the Watergate scandal, according to a Monmouth University poll.
The poll, released Monday, found 41 percent of Americans support impeachment for Trump. In comparison, 26 percent supported Nixon’s impeachment six months into his second term, as the Watergate scandal was breaking.
In other good news:

Two more Senate Republicans oppose health-care bill, leaving it without enough votes to pass

You guys, this is huge!  Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) both say they won’t vote for this bill.  That is amazing!

Of course, the reasons they won’t  vote for it are awful but STILL what matters to us is keeping healthcare for millions of people and this is a HUGE step in that direction!

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval still doesn’t support the Senate health-care bill. That’s big trouble for Republicans.

This is great news. Heller, from Nevada listens to Sandoval who is way more popular than him so this is GREAT news.

Keep those calls coming!

By a 2-to-1 margin, Americans prefer Obamacare to Republican replacements

Again, keep those calls coming!

We are the majority!

After visa delays, Afghan girls’ robotics team arrives in D.C. for global competition

It would have been (much) better if they had just been allowed to come to the US anyway, but at least they are here now.  

Finally, a reminder to take care of yourselves. 

It is important that we keep fighting (supporting candidates and progressive organizations with time and $$; making calls to our representatives, protesting, etc..)

But it is also important to take care of ourselves and continue enjoying our lives in this amazing country we are fighting so hard to protect.

It is easy to get discouraged with Trump in power and the Republicans controlling the house and senate but try not to get too down.

Remember, although they are in charge, they are far from winning.

Trump made a lot of promises for his first 100 days.  How is he doing almost six months in on those promises?

FIRST: No repeal of Obamacare  THIS IS HUGE!!!  They RAN on this.  They said this would be EASY.  There is no “winning” side for them on this issue.  And our wins on this are due to OUR HARD WORK!!!  The resistance is strong, organized, and on the right side of history.

What else?

No wall – and not even close to a deal on one.

No trade punishment for China

No infrastructure plan (although that would have been nice, if it wasn’t just a gift for big business)

No tax overhaul.

No tariff on companies that ship production abroad.

No renegotiation of Iran nuclear deal

Did not move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Although he did executive actions, not one of his legislative items has passed.  Not one.

The travel ban has faced huge hurdles.  Yes, a part of it is in effect right now, temporarily, but it is still being reviewed and he does not have the ban he wanted (or the ban he promised for that matter).

In terms of immigration and the environment, yes he has done damage.  But look what WE have done!  Cities are fighting back against what he has done.  States are fighting back.  Many companies are fighting back.  The rest of the world is fighting back.  *We* are fighting back!

Finally, here is one more promise he failed to keep: 

Trump promised not to tweet anymore because it’s “not presidential.” 

Trump on April 25 2016: “I tweeted today. At ‘realdonaldtrump,’ I tweet. You know it… don’t worry, I’ll give it up after I’m president. We won’t tweet anymore, I don’t think. Not presidential.” 

This man is a clown.  Honestly.  He has less control over his impulses than the typical 3 year old.

We’ve got this.

Keep fighting.  Keep resisting.  Keep enjoying our wonderful country.

I know this is hard; I know 2018 seems far away sometimes; I know it is discouraging.

We don’t pick the times we live through, but we do pick how we respond to them.

We are stronger together and WE’VE GOT THIS!!!!!

So proud to be in this with every one of you

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