Wednesday, June 29, 2011


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Regarding an ASU-Payson campus 
That there are financial deals being cut is obvious. Who are the people investing in the private property adjacent to the proposed campus? Why no disclosure? Is the Town being bypassed i.e. potential investors? What interest is going to be paid? This deserves exploration. If not feasible (for the local media) perhaps someone on the AZ Republic staff would like a potentially juicy story.

Regarding summer events in Payson
When it comes to holding festivals, rodeos and other summer events, it isn’t whether it’s right or wrong for the Rim Country’s image. It’s whether it brings tourists up here. Meanwhile the Chamber and town’s Tourism Department could be doing so much to sponsor the right kinds of events that attract the right kinds of people. Ask Joe Harless about how his June Bug Blues Festival was run out of town.

Regarding town’s big ugly roadside sign
So the Town of Payson restricts the signage of small business owners and then continues to allow that butt-ugly portable digital roadside sign to be used to promote its own events. When there’s nothing going on, it’s used to encourage citizens to fight all that crime in Payson by turning in their neighbors.

Regarding Star Valley buying wells from Payson
Chuck Heron for Mayor! At least the former mayor realized that doing water business with Payson is like dealing with the devil. How soon the atrocity that is the Tower Well has been forgotten.  Payson shouldn't even have wells to sell in Star Valley.  It's not their town.

Regarding The Knolls water problem
According to you know who, Star Valley officials claimed The Knolls subdivision was without water for two days. According to one resident of The Knolls it never happened – at least at his house.

Regarding Brooke Utilities magical toll-free number
Why should anyone be surprised that Brooke Utilities could not be reached during a weekend emergency.  Just try getting through on their toll-free number.  It’s a joke and it always has been.

Regarding Flatlanders' manners
Dear Flatlanders:
We are happy to share the Rim Country with you on summer weekends, but please help us keep this beautiful country clean.  When we come to the Valley, we don't throw trash or cigarettes out our car windows, and we would appreciate it if you would return the courtesy when you visit us.


Noble said...

Concerning the ASU campus:

It is obvious why much of the negotiating has to be done by mature, experienced professionals with all the facts at their disposal. Even these folks have their hands full trying to satisfy all the local,state,national and possibly some personal issues involved.

The proposed plan is a brilliant piece of business and legal architecture. The towns of Payson and Star Valley are free of any liability, but get to pretty much dictate the terms. Now THAT'S public service!

If the proceedings depended upon adding in all the ill informed, suspicious, conspiritorial, roadblocks raised mostly by folks who won't be negatively affected by the campus anyway, there would never be anything larger than a Circle K built here.

Mayor Evans has held several open meetings to allow all issues out in the open. My guess is that the folks raising the most dust about the ASU campus never attended any of these meetings.

Geees! You can't even do good things for the town without raising negative outpourings mostly from disgruntled, suspicious
folks feeling "left out."

NOT ONE of the leaders and most influential people in Payson have rejected this plan or even called it into negative consideration.

Give it a rest!

When the town is once again prosperous, property values have returned to encouraging levels, businesses have begun to sprout and prosper, many new cultural, educational and sports activities have added great diversity and interest - tell us THEN what a evil and disasterous plan this was.

Noble said...

By the way, here we are in another holiday traffic gridlock making it either impossible or difficult to get into or out of parking spaces for stores on Beeline and elsewhere. Two or three large stores and some fuel stations greatly benefit during these times, but the largest number of small enterprises actually lose business, because locals know better than to attempt to go there. Getting into and out of several banks, for example, is tricky if not dangerous.
Most of the folks in the traffic mess aren't happy, either. They want to get to that camping spot and claim it as soon as possible.
They don't dare stop unless absolutely necessary.

The mere mention of the word
"By-Pass," however, stirs many local folks into a frenzy -
dusting off plans for a well maintained militia once again.

Leave out the figures for Wal-Mart, Safeway, Basha's, Circle K
and perhaps a few other non-locally owned businesses and get a true picture of how much business is increased by enduring the agrivating traffic.

Oh well -

A little late to this party said said...

And your solution is......?