Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bristol Palin on 'DWTS' draws big reader response

The letter to the editor about Bristol Palin's appearance on "Dancing With the Stars" has attracted more reader response than anything we've published on the Blog before -- especially after local football hero Kurt Warner was kicked off the show Tuesday while she remained on. 

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Bristol Palin is even on this show because she is NO kind of star. No offense, but she has little to no talent in dancing nor does she have any other kind of talent so therefore, how can she be considered a star since the show is called "Dancing with the STARS". I feel that she is only known because of her mother being a politician and she is only known as being a single, teen mother. Nothing like giving kids the impression that having children at young ages is ok because then they can be on tv. This whole thing just makes me sick, I'm sorry. This is the reason why I have never and will never watch the show because they are willing to just put anyone on whether they are a star or not which, in my opinion; takes away from the actual stars who are on the show and it isn't fair to them because a real star could very well lose the show to a person who is not a star.

Noble said...

Most of these so-called "contests" depend upon a public vote. It's fairly easy to organize a public backing for a local personality or anyone else of narrow interest.

Sarah Palin's mother and the Tea Party affiliation are apparently keeping this sad little girl at the forefront of media publicity.
She is a pawn. These people have no conscience.