Saturday, April 3, 2010

Time to stand up to bullies who want to destroy us

Silence from the lambs? On the subject of the Obama Administration “giving away billions of dollars to the big banks,” here‘s a new headline:

U.S. set to make $8 billion from bailing out Citi

The windfall expected from the stock sale would amount to a validation of the rescue plan adopted by government officials during the height of the financial panic, when the banking system neared the brink of collapse.

Until very recently there were only loud bleats and “Baaas” from many in the herd - shouts and moans claiming that saving the economy from a free-fall monetary disaster was a terrible thing. It would seem only fair, now, that some kinder words are in order.

True, we are suffering under a severe recession as a result of a banking and government loan system gone crazy over the last eight years. This hurts, and rightfully so. We are paying the piper for a mad dance, which no one wanted to end. What we are enduring now is a severe hangover - not the life threatening event which seemed to loom over us after the crash. Our government took some radical steps under radical circumstances, but the ship is afloat again, at least enough to allow us to paddle to shore.

Some are now saying that we have overburdened it again with huge costs for a revamped health care system. Only time will tell. The new law has as much potential for saving billions of dollars as it does creating un-funded debt. Things have to go just right, but the odds are just as much in favor as against.

Again, only time will tell. The sound and fury until all the results are in, are just that - sound and fury. Congress has the same ability to repeal a law as it does to make one. Let’s at least give this one a fair chance to succeed before we decide. What if it really works?

The government, once its investment is paid off, is getting out of the banking business. Soon, it will do the same with the automobile business. Mr. Obama has made it abundantly clear that he has no desire to run anything except our government. Giving monetary CPR to an industry on the brink of collapse was done with a prevention and a payback in mind. The reports are quite positive that both things will be accomplished.

All the wild charges of “Socialism” and “Communism” can now be seen for the knee-jerk hysteria they were. The U.S. will emerge no more Socialist than it has been over the years. Truth be told, we employ many “Socialist” ideas at present. The U.S. Veterans Dept is an example. It is totally funded from tax payer dollars, not paid for by its users.

Our welfare system, and to a large extent Medicare and, yes, even Social Security depend on government subsidy. You could even make a strong case that the IRS is a Socialist organization. Making blind, unfounded charges as a rallying political cry, is not merely disingenuous, it is harmful to the truth, and impedes positive progress.

There is an unsettling faction growing in our country which appears willing to court anarchy in order to relieve despair. Many who can shout the loudest and make the most over-stretched claims are now given credence. Honest debate or careful examination of facts are brushed aside. Rabble Rousing is In. Respect for sincere debate is Out.

This has the appearance of a regression in American society. Instead of maturing into a well balanced, tolerant People, willing to find common ground for the good of all, there is a danger that we will become so splintered and disagreeable that we will not be able to help ourselves in times of real trouble.

This writer is fortunate enough to remember the social atmosphere during and right after WWII. We all worked together to make America a better place and an admired world power. Working together, we were invincible. Who would have ever thought that we would devolve into the contentious, selfish groups that so many now embrace? What on earth has brought us to this place?

Perhaps it is more the appearance of discord that seems to prevail rather than actual reality. Perhaps, there is a large majority of Americans who are still desirous of living in a great unified country. Maybe it just isn’t as fashionable as it used to be to speak up, unless you have some beef to air. Hopefully, if the real fabric of goodness and cooperation is ever really threatened, a great majority of good people will come forward to preserve our precious heritage.

Some advice to many political leaders on both sides - you sow the wind and reap the whirlwind if you don’t stand up to bullies who want to destroy our present system - in favor of God Knows What? Some loud voices are being heard who seem to believe the system of voting takes too long and is too exclusive. Beware the John Wilkes Booths.


All American said...

Here you are at your best. Calling people names. Now it's bullies and wing-nuts. Try using Americans, or patriots huh? That's what they are. They are out there protesting against something they dislike. Where were you name caller when people were protesting Bush?

You should read about the health care reform that Massachusetts is doing. This is the very pilot program that they want for America. It's a complete failure. Without the infusion of millions of federal dollars, this system would be bankrupt with hospitals closing and no Doctors to see. This is a fact. And this program was brought to be by Mitt Romney.

I'm sure you will respond with lies about the program in Mass.

Hey that's you, and I don't see you changing your ways he who calls people names.

Cowboytoo said...

Speaking of name calling, here is a quote from THIS guy:

All American said...
"Dan these wackos don't want to know the truth."

He can't stay on point concerning the facts of an article, so he flays around filing charges left and right.

Your high school councelor has help for ADHD, AA, you should check it out.