Friday, April 16, 2010

Payson Tea Party up in arms on April 15

Photos by Jim Keyworth
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, here's 3,000 of them...  The group, some 30 strong, gathered on the Beeline in front of the Gila County courthouse.  Reaction from passing motorists was mixed.


Unknown said...

The Payson Intelligentsia. Yippie!

Cowboytoo said...

These are good, honest solid Americans. The problem is that they are badly misinformed and misled. Political leaders like John Kyl and, yes, even John McCain use them as their "Point Squads."

The issues are far more complicated and tenuous than they are willing to examine. They offer NO alternatives except to destroy the present system.

Shouting essy cliche's fed to them by closed minds, they contribute nothing to a solution.

It isn't simply black or white, folks. (pun intended)

There is a Gordian Knot to be untied, and it will require far more than protests. It will require a very inteligent, comprehensive and dedicated effort and the patience to see it through.

We should applaud the spirit and righteousness of the Tea Party Movement, but both we and they should be looking for ways to work together, not fight each other.
This is the message our political leaders SHOULD be giving us!
Unfortunately none are brave enough to step forward.

As I have said before: When you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind. Actually, let's give the prophet Hosea credit for that admonition.

Is there an independent thinker among the Tea Party willing to examine the issues carefully and without prejudice?

Let's pray that reason, due diligence and good will can somehow win the day.

Unknown said...

While I admire your tenor, I'm finished being charitable with these types. The right has been playing hardball for some time now. These folks are adults and are responsible for their nonsense. Cheers.