Monday, March 1, 2010

Man rescued from vehicle in swollen Tonto Creek

Photo courtesy Gila County Sheriff's Office

James Cain had to be rescued last week after he attempted to cross Tonto Creek in Tonto Basin and became stuck when the Range Rover he was driving could not stand the pressure of the water was running down the creek.

Gila County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the scene after a 911 call reporting there was a subject who was stranded in the river at the store crossing. It was determined that it would require the use of a surplus military 2½ ton truck to reach the subject and retrieve him from the vehicle.

The Range Rover was washed down the creek approximately 100 to 150 feet before it stopped. Cain was in the vehicle and did not sustain any injuries from the incident. Cain was rescued from the vehicle and transported to the west side of the creek where Tonto Basin fire checked him out. Cain was cited for the incident because he passed a road closed sign which was in place due to high water flow down Tonto Creek.

Sheriff’s Deputies Rory Vaughn, Bobby Chagolla and Sgt. George Scott along with FS LEO Dan Adams rode in the back of the military truck where Cain was safely picked up from his vehicle and transported to dry ground. Once Cain was safe, Lonnie Cline and Dan Adams assisted 4 Peaks Towing with retrieval of the vehicle from the creek.

Sheriff John Armer thanked Gila County Public Works employee Lonnie Cline, Tonto Basin Fire, United States Forest Service Law Enforcement Office Dan Adams and 4 Peaks towing for their assistance in rescuing Cain from the creek. The Sheriff’s Office also reminds everyone not to proceed past barricades and road closed signs as they are in place to protect the citizens from a dangerous situation.

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