Monday, March 22, 2010

Kirkpatrick votes to end insurance company abuse

Freshman lawmaker also cites 'protecting children, seniors'

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Ann Kirkpatrick today issued the following statement after she voted to pass the health insurance reform package:

“In my first year in Congress, I have always put the needs of my district first - that's why I stood up to the President and congressional leadership and opposed the auto and bank bailouts, the cap-and-trade bill and billions in deficit spending.

“I am putting my district first again by voting for this reform package. Health insurance reform is critical to ending denials of coverage based on pre-existing conditions, making sure our children can get the care they need and protecting our seniors from unaffordable prescription drug costs.

“I was able to make important improvements to this bill, including addressing the potential costs for AHCCCS and eliminating politics-as-usual special deals like the Cornhusker Kickback. I will continue to work with my health care advisory board to ensure that these reforms will work as effectively as possible for Arizona families as they are put into practice.”


Anonymous said...

I will work haqrd to replace anyone who voted for the socialized bill.

Anonymous said...

I have had my dose of socialized medicine when living abroad. It might as well be the death plan. If you are 50 or older you don't count. Forget any ideas of obtaining surgery within a reasonabe time - England is bragging about getting surgery wait lists down to 18 weeks! That is if the operation is not cancelled for a non medical reason at the last minute. If you need a drug to save your life that is not on the "list" forget it. In fact someone sold their house in order to pay for private treatment and a drug that they urgently needed only to be told "that no future treatment would ever be made available to them on the National Health Service" Now remember you can't opt out of paying it is mandatory. I've had friends and relatives die too young because they were not diagnosed correctly or they died while waiting for treatment. Too many doctors imported that can't speak English, infection is rife within the hospitals and they can't get a handle on it. Overworked nurses, cost cutting and not enough equipment for dialysis etc. Sure Ms. Kirkpatrick you really care about us! If anyone wants to do their own research you can start on We have taken a step backwards and our expectations for good health service grows dim. Be prepared to take a number and wait for ever in line.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Kirkpartrick was voted into office to be our voice in Washington, but obviously she's deaf!

Kirkpatrick is in office to represent our agenda, not hers, or her party.

A majority of Kirkpatrick's constituents asked her to vote NO, yet VOTED "YES, Ignoring our wishes!

Kirkpatrick is a public servent who works for us, it's our vote, not hers! You vote with the majority, and request was for a NO VOTE!

Now Kirkpatrick needs to be held accountable for double crossing us with our vote.


We need integrity in this office, Kirkpatrick simply can't be trusted as we go forward!

Anonymous said...

Today, polls still show that Americans overwhelmingly oppose Obamacare.

On Sunday, Nancy Pelosi's Congress decided to oppose the will of the American people and they voted for this radical plan.

Pelosi and her gang of followers like Kirkpatrick will regret that decision.

They have awoken a sleeping giant!

The American people now know that Obama and the Democrats like Kirkpatrick in Congress have little regard for our opinion -- not to mention the legislative process.

Millions of Americans who had hoped President Obama and the Congress would be pragmatic, now know this hope was simply an illusion.

With huge mandates on private insurers, those of us who pay insurance today will soon see our rates rise dramatically.

We now face looming battles ahead.
Obama is already promising to give citizenship to 12 million illegal aliens!

How will Kirkpatrick vote on this? I really don't want her representing me and will cast my vote against her next titme around!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kirkpatrick, You do such a wonderful job of representing us. You hear what we say and do the opposite. I will do my best to see a different outcome of the next election.