Saturday, August 11, 2018

I’ve seen this before...

Grade school - Tehran, Iran (early 1980’s)

This is a picture of me and my classmates from grade school in the early 80’s in Iran right after the revolution. A lot of us in this pic somehow escaped and eventually migrated to the US as refugees. America welcomed us with open arms then. What we were fortunate enough to do, is now banned to the innocent kids of the current generation, as a result of this administration’s cruel policies.

Some people ask me why I so passionately and vehemently oppose this corrupt regime. It’s because I’ve seen this before…

I’ve seen with my own eyes what happens when the wall between church and state crumbles and religious zealots start ruling a country; I’ve seen with my own eyes what horrors fanatical nationalism leads to; I’ve seen with my own eyes what happens when a “religious task force” enforces its will on society; I’ve seen with my own eyes what happens when the free press is vanquished; I’ve seen with my own eyes how severe income inequality systematically ravages a nation; I’ve seen what happens when a country succumbs to a supreme leader; I’ve seen and lived this evil and it’s left a mark on my psyche.

This is the reality that Trump is numbing us to. This is why we should resist this regime with every fiber of our being. Only the future of our Republic hangs in the balance.

November 6th is only 94, 93, 92 days away… UNITE and VOTE!

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