Tuesday, August 1, 2017

While Trump pretends to bring back mining jobs, China is building 100 panda-shaped solar farms

This photo taken on June 10, 2017 shows greenhouses built with solar panels on their roofs, in Yang Fang village in Anlong, in China's southwest Guizhou province. .The combination of greenhouses and solar power generation is part of a 294 million USD project which when completed will deliver 150 megawatts of electricity and provide jobs for 2000 people. / AFP PHOTO / STR / China OUT        (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)
While Donald Trump pretends to bring back dirty coal jobs, China’s future is looking brighter. The Panda Green Energy Group has announced plans to build 100 new solar farms: 
Chinese solar farm in the shape of a panda bear
Hello up there!
A new solar farm is opening up in China, and this one has a twist. The energy firm, Panda Green Energy Group, has constructed the solar panels in the shape of a giant panda.
This particular solar panda farm has been built in the province of Shanxi, and Panda Green hopes that this is only the first of a hundred panda-themed solar farms the company is planning to build. The total cost of all 100 plants is estimated to be around $3 billion.
In addition to building potentially dozens of solar farms, the company hopes that the friendly panda faces will give Chinese citizens a greater appreciation and understanding of solar power. Panda Green has also built an education center geared toward teaching children about the importance of renewables.
Just think, our nation’s coal miners and veterans could be working around the clock to achieve Hillary Clinton’s ambitious project to increase America's solar energy capacity by seven times before 2027, but instead we find ourselves staring at Trump’s Twitter feed and watching China surpass us in green energy. U-S-A!

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