Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Reader calls Republicans "blatant racists"

Let's just acknowledge the obvious: the Republicans' hostility and wish to tear down anything Obama tries to do is rooted in their blatant racism. They never will accept that finally a black man rose to the highest official position in this country and has smashed through the previously impenetrable wall of white male power. That's why they hate him, because he certainly hasn't tried to rattle their cages too much in terms of pressing forward a progressive, non-militaristic agenda.

Reader Wally Jasper

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Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous opening statement. And of course, cowardly. Anytime people pull the 'race' card, it's because they don't have any other position to stand on. Just because a person disagrees with another person of a different color doesn't make them a racist. It makes both of them different individuals is all. As we all are. Realize it, get over it and move on.

Can people get over the fact that lots of people simply don't like Obama's policies? Regardless of his skin color? Can we have a mature discussion of the policies and not get into the name calling 'race' thing? When is the American political discussion going to grow up? Seems to me that political discourse in the U.S. has degraded over the last few decades, not 'progressed'. As much as democrats like to point fingers at republicans, and get into nasty name-calling, they would do well to remember that each time you point a finger at others, three of your own fingers are pointing right back at you.

The nation is more divided than ever, with corrupt government getting away with murder ... literally. As long as the people are divided and at each other, things will get worse ... for everyone. So let's stop using out energies in self-sabotaging behaviors.

I'm soooo tired of reading hateful comments on YouTube videos, of reading hateful articles, blogs, and commentaries on the net and in print. Take a step back and look at the cacophony of hatred put out by Americans towards each other ... it's astounding!! And the reason why the country's going to hell.

Just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn't mean you have to hate them, or be mean to them, or be distasteful towards them. Mature people don't engage in that type of immature behavior. Nor does a real 'civilization' perpetrate such poor, classes behavior. It all comes from the same spirit of mean narcissistic arrogance that justifies the U.S. bombing the crap out of other nations that don't go along with U.S. desires. Mean words today ... death tomorrow. And people who engage in such activities, at any level, actually believe they are 'good guys' ... ha!

So to all the narcissists out there who think they're so 'smart' with their hateful vitriol towards those who aren't just like them ... I suggest you take a good hard look at what you've become, and what you are spewing to the Earth, and what kind of world you are creating. 'Cause quite frankly, I don't see anything so great, wonderful, civilized, or 'progressive' about a world of intolerance and hatred of your fellow man.

All people have value. Learn to respect others and engage in dialogue towards understanding ... then you might be considered a mature human being on the path of self realization and fulfillment. Until then, it seems like we sure to have a lot of immature people stuck in the terrible two's who just can't stand the notion that there are actually others in the world and they have to learn how to consider them, and share it with them.

Seems to me that the people who keep pointing their fingers and calling others 'racist' are often the most racist people of them all!!

Deal with the real issues ... what issue is it that the republicans don't agree with Obama on? Why? What's their position? What's your position? Let's have a real, mature, and honest discussion of things of importance without descending into immature hateful, out-of-control emotional name-calling rants that offer nothing intellectually.