Friday, February 5, 2016

ASU commits to downtown Mesa satellite campus

And we're supposed to believe a Payson campus is coming any day now

"With Sparky by his side, Mesa Mayor John Giles on Thursday formally announced Arizona State University's commitment to a downtown Mesa satellite campus."
Feb. 5, 2016 Arizona Republic story

OK Pete Aleshire, John Naughton and Kenny Evans, when will you come clean with the people of the Rim Country.  ASU commits to yet another satellite campus not in Payson.  Yet you continue to pretend the university is coming to Payson any day now - despite ASU's crystal clear denial that negotiations are under way.

You are perpetrating a grand hoax on the Rim Country, leaving us to ask: What's in it for you anyway?


Pat Johnson said...

Thank you, Jim! This has been shared with The Voice of Rim Country Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

I have been laughing my butt off

Just like the ALA American Leadership Academy was started by mormons in Salt Lake city, and is 99.9% staffed my mormons.

The four-year university coming to Payson Arizona is going to be a BYU, Brigham Young University satellite (a mormon institution)... got that?

God what idiot's, and to think Kenny almost got away with it

Hate to spoil your fun Kenny but you better start packing for Missouri,.

When you are a really good sports broadcaster you go out and study the opponents.

You find out that when the opposing teams offensive line, lines up a certain way, you catch on real quick which play they are going to run.

When the opposing teams defensive line, lines up a certain way, you know they are going for a sack.

By studying the captains of both teams and the coaches you learn very quickly what is going on.

Kenny you better start packing you bags for Missouri, I heard that there will not be a "yellow dog to wag its tail" pretty soon.

You must know more than your mormon prphet right Kenny?

Or our you Kenny, the new Joseph Smith?