Friday, March 6, 2015

Noted jazz clarinetist performs Sunday in Payson

In the attempt to offer various forms and styles of jazz to music
fans, the 2014-15 Payson jazz series is bringing authentic
Dixieland, or New Orleans jazz with some Chicago/New York
City style jazz added in to its next performance at 2 pm on
Sunday, March 8th at the Community Presbyterian Church,
800 West Main Street.

Our special guest is clarinetist Joe Hopkins who heads several
jazz bands in the East Valley. He is also a principal in the AZ
Classic Jazz Society. He will be playing with the Fossil Creek
Gang, who are Suzanne and Dale Knighton, and Gerry
Reynolds, and they all reside in Strawberry.

Dixieland, or New Orleans jazz is sometimes called Hot Jazz, or
Early Jazz.  It's style began in New Orleansat the start of the
20th century, then spreading to Chicago and New York City.
Non-jazz fans will recognize jazz standards like "Basin Street
Blues" and "When The Saints Go Marching In."  Many will
remember that Lois Armstrong (trumpet and vocals) became
very popular in the general population performing Chicago-
style jazz at the time when jazz transitioned from the 2-beat
feel to the 4-beat, introducing Swing in it's earliest form.
Chicago-style musicians used the string bass instead of a tuba
and a guitar instead of a banjo with the drummer using a 4-beat
sticking on a large "ride" cymbal.

There was a resurgence of Dixieland jazz in in the late 40's and
50's -- the West Coast revival began in San Francisco and some
bands continue using a banjo and tuba. And so, early jazz lives
on today.

On Sunday, the banjo, guitar, ukulele, string bass, clarinet,
drums and cymbals, noisemakers, and voices will be featured --
Suzanne and Dale Knighton have wonderful voices.

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