Saturday, March 7, 2015

GOP Leaders Skip Selma Event

John Boehner. (photo: Getty)
John Boehner. (photo: Getty)

By Anna Palmer and Lauren French, Politico
06 March 15
cores of U.S. lawmakers are converging on tiny Selma, Alabama, for a large commemoration of a civil rights anniversary. But their ranks don’t include a single member of House Republican leadership — a point that isn’t lost on congressional black leaders.

None of the top leaders — House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy or Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who was once thought likely to attend to atone for reports that he once spoke before a white supremacist group — will be in Selma for the three-day event that commemorates the 1965 march and the violence that protesters faced at the hands of white police officers. A number of rank-and-file Republicans have been aggressively lobbying their colleagues to attend, and several black lawmakers concurred.

“It is very disappointing that not a single Republican leader sees the value in participating in this 50th commemoration of the signing of the Voting Rights Act. I had hoped that some of the leadership would attend, but apparently none of them will,” said Congressional Black Caucus Chairman G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina. “The Republicans always talk about trying to change their brand and be more appealing to minority folks and be in touch with the interests of African-Americans. This is very disappointing.”

Former CBC Chair Marsha Fudge (D-Ohio) agreed.

“Not only do they have an opportunity to participate in something that is historic in this country, but certainly they’ve lost an opportunity to show the American people that they care,” she said. “Their loss.”

Black leaders in Congress pressured Scalise to attend the Faith and Politics Institute event after news reports revealed that the Louisiana Republican gave a speech to a group connected with Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke when Scalise was still serving in the state Legislature. Scalise said late last month that a scheduling conflict would keep him from Selma this year but that he hoped to attend in 2016.

McCarthy has attended in the past but won’t make the trip this year. Senate Majority Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will also miss the event.


+75 # CAMUS1111 2015-03-06 16:15
Let these scumbag "leaders" stay away and jump off a bridge of their own. They are racists or panderers. Screw them all--no more pretense.
+13 # RLF 2015-03-07 08:09
They are desparate to keep the one union they seem to have...the policemens union.
+59 # angryspittle 2015-03-06 16:16
Not surprising at all for the party of racist motherfuckers,
+57 # sfintersect 2015-03-06 22:47
There's an upside to this. The good people of Selma won't have to endure the likes of John Boehner or Mitch McConnell. I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemies. Oh wait a minute, they are in fact my worst nightmare!
+57 # williamb3 2015-03-06 23:08
Is anyone who's been paying any attention really surprised?
+43 # AKPatriot 2015-03-06 23:55
Mark it down, show all your neighbors, then get out the vote in Nov. 2016. Put all those GOP MF's out of office. Take back the Senate and narrow the gap in the House. Have a nice day.
+40 # dyannne 2015-03-07 00:07
The Selma people are not their people. They don't give a fig or a damn about them or equality or fairness and that's all there is to it.
+3 # Caliban 2015-03-07 10:45
I'm not in Selma, and the clownish GOP leaders are not my people either. Indeed, I have to wonder if they are really anybody's.

Maybe the Koch brothers' will admit to owning them.
+2 # REDPILLED 2015-03-07 14:26
The GOP has devolved from the Party of Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, to the White, Male Supremacist Party.

I hope all U.S. "people of color" and women remember which party scorns them, though BOTH corporate parties are still owned by Wall Street.

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