Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Water pipeline would solve myriad of problems

We (as Americans) are perplexed, anxious and at wits end over current situations which we deem are beyond our control. We have a fiscal economy in shreds, the unforgiving outlook of lack of employment opportunities, social welfare distress, rampant crime, social unrest and a myriad of other real and very tangible concerns.

Yes, we seek answers from politicians - humans who also need guidance, direction and support.
Money, whether for political support or for charitable cause does not always reap the benefits that we wish it did.

Problem One: Lack of jobs in this country.

Problem Two: Environmental disasters that have plagued the U.S. lately.

Potential for partial remediation of both of the above: U.S. Government funding to support an extensive water-shed infrastructure.

Floods in the Country: Causing Billions of dollars in damage, damage to the livelihood of families, small businesses and the environment.

Need: Water in many U.S. Western States with diminishing local resources.

Partial solution: Construction, and Maintenance of Fresh Water Pipelines and pumping stations to direct water from flood areas to Western States in dire need.

This is Not a simple task by any means. We can construct pipelines for oil, gas and construct a massive electrical energy system; why not a venture to create jobs nationwide and assist in protecting our environment while at the same time enriching our lives with what is most precious to us, more so than gold…water.

Max Storm


Noble said...

It's probably a task on the order of a NASA mission. That's not the problem, though. The cost to build and the cost of the water to users would be enormous, but that's not the problem, either.

Payson AZ can't even get a thirty mile pipeline built because it has to be approved at multiple levels of bureaucracy - EPA and The Forest Service, being just two.

Can you imagine the enormity of getting a national pipeline built?

Anonymous said...

I've been saying for years that we should be building a canal or pipeline to bring floodwater from the midwest to the parched deserts of the far west.

The longest journey begins with a single step. I can't imagine this would be any more complex than deciding to put another interstate freeway across the country. Instead of assuming it can't be done, maybe we should be focusing on the steps required to GET IT DONE.

Payson is getting its pipeline -- finally. Yes, it took a lot of finagling, but it is getting done. But it wouldn't have happened if 10 years ago (or whenever the subject first came up) we decided it would be too hard to do it because of all the bureaucracy in the way and decided not to even try.

I think once we got our national pipeline up and running we will be scratching our heads saying, "Why didn't we do this 20 years ago?"

Noble said...

No one thinks it is a bad idea.

However, there is a proposal to build a pipeline from the very oil rich tar sands of Canada to oil refineries in Texas. According to experts, this would represent a source of oil greater than Saudi Arabia. The howls have already begun, however:
"Not through my state!"

Just sayin'