Thursday, February 3, 2011

'Suspense' in ASU saga is unanswered questions


The latest story about the new ASU-Payson campus in the local newspaper still leaves critical questions unanswered.

In the Feb. 1 article headlined "Engineers size up new college site," the reporter relates that engineers and solar power experts recently inspected a 30-acre site "close to the Forest Service parcel" that "a group of investors" has purchased while waiting for the Forest Service to begin the process of selling its parcel.

Only problem, or problems:
1. Nowhere in the article is the specific parcel or its location identified. Why not?
2. Nowhere in the article are the investors or the corporations they represent identified. Why not?
3. Nowhere in the article are the engineers and solar power experts or the firms they represent identified. Why not?

Are the questions being asked? If so, how does Payson Mayor Kenny Evans respond? If not, why not?

The reporter refers to the entire process as "suspenseful." We say the suspense is not related to the campus, but to the unanswered questions.

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Anonymous said...

Remember when Kenny the Who was going to build a massive, cascading waterfall through the American Gulch that was going to transform Main Street? Methinks the mayor has a proven track record of grandiose promises that don't get delivered. Let's hope the ASU campus isn't yet another of his unfulfilled promises.

What's in it for the "local newspaper" to fall for these schemes hook, line and sinker? The appearance of economic prosperity on the near horizon can boost their advertising revenue, and, just like the Hokey Pokey, that's what it's all about.