Sunday, January 2, 2011

PERSPECTIVE on 'American exceptionalism'


Here's a thought I've been saving until all the holiday hoopla is behind us. Didn't want to interrupt all the frivolity and mirth with something that is bound to raise your blood pressure no matter which side of the political spectrum you're on.

The subject is "American exceptionalism" - the notion pushed by Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and various and sundry other right wingers that we, as a nation, are somehow superior to all the other peoples and nations and are therefore uniquely qualified to lead the world.

What hubris. What arrogance. What stupidity.

On behalf of my country, I apologize to the world.



Noble said...

Careful, Jim

In a recent right wing mantra, the First Lady of The United States was practically accused of treason for suggesting such a thing,even though her comments were of a different nature.I believe it is still one of the Top Ten diatribes repeated religiously by slack jawed partisans of the far right.
It has probably moved up a notch or two now that the "Birthing" thing has mercifully been put to ground, and "Communist!" cries have lost their fervor.
"Inept"and "Corrupt" seem to be the newest beloved chants.
Chest-beating, blind hubris almost involved us in a nuclear war with China if Truman had not finally had the courage to go against entrenched meglomanical "Old Boys" and pulled Macarthur out of Korea.
It was responsible for us entering Vietnam on the pretense of
"defending democracy," and for our shamful escalation and ultimate defeat there.
It was decidedly responsible for the tragic events in Iraq and Afghanistan which may yet bring this once mighty country to its knees. These "missions" are far from accomplished. Their monetary cost alone is threatening to bring down the once mighty dollar and prevents a rational attempt to control federal spending.
And for WHAT?
As far back as 1823, President Monroe declared the the United States would not meddle in the internal concerns of European countries. This doctrine served us well with the exceptions of responding to agressive attacks when it became absolutely necessary. Monroe is considered to be a "Founding Father" of our country. "Shock and Awe" were not in his vocabulary, although he vigorously defended the geographic territory of the U.S.
It's our own fault though - not so much that we don't learn, but that we repeatedly elect demagogs who refuse to learn, instead of Statesmen.
Hey, you got me started.

Jim Keyworth said...

As always, thanks for your insights, Noble. We never seem to learn the lessons of history. Instead, we yield to the lowest common denominator (Barack Obama excepted).

When will stupid people stop electing stupid politicians? Probably not until it's too late, when the greatest experiment in government has been destroyed from within.