Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AZ supremes uphold Constitutional right to curse

In the Valley & State section of today's (Jan. 18) Arizona Republic, columnist E.J. Montini takes exception to Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams objection to his use of the term "death panel" for a legislature that refuses to fund organ transplants. "I will (stop calling the legislature a death panel)," Montini wrote. "As soon as they stop being one." Go to to read the entire column.

And on the editorial page, the Republic endorses a 2 percent water rate increase for Phoenix residents. "Water is the most basic of services, but it is also the most complicated to supply," the editorial said.

Also on the editorial page, the Republic agrees with an Arizona Supreme Court decision that it is not a crime to curse.  " ...the court observed that the law generally should resist the impulse to criminalize the use of words," according to the editorial.

Go to to read the editorials.

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