Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HSUS urges NO vote on hunting Proposition 109


To the editor:
If lawmakers want to change our state Constitution, they should have a compelling reason for it. Proposition 109 fails to meet that test, and it does not warrant approval by voters. In fact, it’s a dangerous amendment, which will take away the voting rights of Arizona citizens, create legal confusion about properly regulating hunting, subject the state to expensive lawsuits, and replace scientific wildlife management with partisan politics.

The entire premise of Prop 109 is faulty: there is no political threat to hunting or fishing in Arizona. The only ballot initiative in the last two decades related to the taking of wildlife restricted the use of steel-jawed leghold traps and poisons on public lands. Voters approved that measure by a wide margin because they considered the traps to be inhumane and indiscriminate, sometimes catching family pets and endangered species in the process. In the 16 years since that vote, there has been no bill or ballot measure advanced to restrict hunting or fishing practices.

Prop 109 seeks to stop voters from initiating any wildlife protection ballot measures. In short, the backers of Prop 109 do not trust the people to exhibit good judgment on wildlife issues. If we give up our right to vote on wildlife issues, what other issues will be next?

If you care about wildlife, vote no on Prop 109. If you care about your voting rights, vote no on 109. If you care about preserving the authority of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission, vote no on Prop 109. For more information about the ballot measure, go to

Kari Nienstedt
Arizona State Director
The Humane Society of the United States
Scottsdale, Ariz.
Phone: 480-381-4410


All American said...

How typical that the Director of the Humane Society says don't vote for Prop 109. "Prop 109 seeks to stop voters from initiating any ballot measures". What a crock! If you had your way, there would be no hunting at all. Your a liar and and have an agenda to ban hunting not only in AZ but America as well.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE VOTE YES ON PROP 109. I AM IN FULL SUPPORT. So is the Arizona Game and Fish Dept., The Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, Arizona Sportsman For Wildlife, Arizona Elk Society and others. Prop 109 is a measure to insure the rights of Arizona citizens to hunt an fish. Prop 109 is intended to maintain the current rights and keep hunting and fishing as the preferred management tool for the State of Arizona. PLEASE VOTE YES to support Hunters and Anglers who are the original conservationists! Please vote YES to help our state wildlife. THANK YOU!!! Please see the following link: