Monday, February 15, 2010

For Our Students

The Gazette Blog endorses the schools budget continuation initiative.

Here’s why:

A "Yes" Vote Will
o Maintain manageable class sizes.
o Preserve many vital programs.
o Reduce the budget shortfall, which will
remain significant even with the
o Save a significant number of PUSD jobs
that belong to your friends and
o Attract and keep quality professionals in
our community.
o Retain and attract quality employers
who, in turn, will provide more local
jobs, more tax revenue, and better local

A "No" Vote Will
o Increase class sizes to 30 plus students.
o Eliminate programs that you, your
children, and your grandchildren may
have enjoyed.
o Devastate our schools with a predicted
budget shortfall of $1,700,000.
o Impair our community through a reduction
in tax revenue which supports our road
repair, police, and fire protection.
o Compromise medical services as health
professionals may move out of our
community or choose not to relocate
o Create a ripple effect of job losses leading
to further losses.
o Make a difference in the education of
our future leaders.

Additional cost to you:
$12 per $100,000 assessed evaluation = about 3 pennies per day.

Posted for Payson Kids Count by the Rim Country Gazette Blog as a community service.

...because you don't want to see what they'd be losing

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