Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LETTER: Why we need to vote NO on home rule

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RE: The case against home rule

It has been said that we can disagree without being disagreeable. So with that said; and now that the ballots are out, let me outline why we should vote NO on home rule.

o Since home rule was passed 30 years ago (as a constitutional amendment), Payson’s population has multiplied by four times (1978 population was 4305) when our budget has multiplied by 45 times (1978 budget was $1,267,280; current budget is $57 million). WHY?

o Home rule will NOT decrease our taxes. It WILL, however, limit the amount of money the town can spend. Consequently, there will be a surplus that can ultimately be used to generate the “rainy day fund” that is very badly needed.

o If, under home rule, the town needs money beyond its spending limit, it can get authorization from the state to spend the needed money. So what’s wrong with that?

o If it does not work, we don’t have to wait four years to put it back on the ballot. We can put it back on the ballot next year. So why not try it?

o Of course, our town council wants it! Have you ever seen an elected official that didn’t want more money to spend?

o By defeating Home Rule, we have our best chance to eliminate waste in our town government. Home Rule, unfortunately has led to too much waste and too many “toys” we don’t need, such as a hook and ladder truck for the fire department when we don’t have any tall buildings.

With a 45-fold increase in our budget when the population grew by only four times, it is obvious that our elected officials are not willing to control the spending, so it is time to send them a message. Voting NO on Home Rule will give us an extra measure of control and will eliminate all the fat and waste!

Think about it and don’t let scare tactics affect your vote!

Al Poskanzer


Anonymous said...

I have lived in Payson since I came home from Vietnam in 1972. I have watched the town grow and I have also watched the budget grow out of control.

We currently have a mayor who "doesn't want to play" if home rule doesn't pass.

What kind of attitude is that?

What ever happened to... ok so you (the public) want us to cut spending... if you vote NO on home rule, then we will do the best job we can, with what we have, and we will save money and put that money away for NEEDS and not WANTS or TOYS.

I already voted NO on "Home Rule"

I also voted NO on the school property tax.

It is time to for the people to "Rule" over out of control government and school spending!

Cowboytoo said...

Et Tu, Al ?

It is NOT "Out of Control Spending" that creates the problem. It is something called Inflation and Change.

Let's see if anyone voting "No" on Home Rule and the school Over-ride can live on a 1980's budget for their family today. You can't do it, or if you can, you don't WANT to.

We live in a period very similar to the O.J. Jury. It doesn't matter what are the facts or what is Right, -
Damn the Establishment!

Mayor Evans and many other concerned citizens may not be the only ones leaving Payson if it must be turned over to Malcontents.

Perhaps the ones left could create a "Ghost Town" for tourists. I don't see any other way to raise enough money to operate a proper town on today's budget.

Our Town Council is to be admired. They have CUT to the bone and beyond.

Anyone who can't afford a $12.00 per YEAR increase in their property tax so that school kids can have music classes and not be crowded into thirty-plus classrooms - well, that's Really Hypocritical, not to mention a "Tight Wad" approach to a sincere need.

Sorry, Al and others, We have a major disagreement here.