Thursday, September 26, 2019

Trump ‘in disbelief’ after his call to Pelosi failed to stop the impeachment inquiry

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 26: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) holds her weekly press conference at the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center July 26, 2019 in Washington, DC. The House of Representatives passed a 2-year budget deal Thursday that was struck between Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
No deal, Donald
The failed “dealmaker” currently occupying the White House tried to weasel his way out of impeachment, according to CNN … and as everyone now knows, he failed miserably.
He had felt confident after phoning Pelosi earlier that morning. The drive for impeachment in her caucus had ramped up amid reports he pushed the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe Biden, and Trump was hoping to head off a clash. He figured he could de-escalate tensions by speaking with her directly.
It was after that call that Trump made the decision to release an "unredacted" version of the transcript of his July call.
With this approach, it almost seems as though Donald Trump had never met Speaker Nancy Pelosi before. This is likely one of the reasons for his desperate tweeting about impeachment on Tuesday.

It just means he’s in total shock, because he actually believed this wouldn’t happen.
But when the announcement he would release the transcript did little to quell the growing calls for his impeachment, Trump was in disbelief.
After Pelosi's historic announcement, Trump immediately began lashing out, accusing Democrats of distracting from his successes at the United Nations General Assembly and arguing it was just "more breaking news Witch Hunt garbage."
Frank Bowman III, law professor at the University of Missouri, talked with CNN and compared Nixon with Trump. I believe his comparison explains why Trump thought impeachment wasn’t going to happen: Trump believes laws don’t apply to him.
A possible, and frightening, difference between Nixon and Trump is that Nixon, in the end, was a man of the law in the sense that, while he committed offenses and tried to evade responsibility for them, he nonetheless believed in the constitutional structure of the US and that its laws applied to him. So when push came to shove and he was ordered to produce incriminating material, he did. I am quite sure that Trump neither understands nor believes in the American constitutional system. And I am not sure that Trump believes that he is bound by the law.
Trump understands that impeachment will put an exclamation point on his miserable legacy as “president.” Trump also knows that he’s going down in history as one of, if not the, worst president ever—and this is all that matters to the narcissist.
A source close to the White House who routinely speaks with Trump confirmed he does not want to be impeached.
Does anyone want to be impeached? Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Trump talked with Pelosi.

The “president” obviously left their conversation with the belief (or more likely the delusion) that he’d made a deal. It ended up being another one of his failures, because for Democrats, there are no deals when it comes to upholding the rule of law.

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