Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tucker pens tribute to Robert Lantry

      Tucker’s Last Tale      

My master, Robert M. Lantry, patted my head and pet my fur for the last time on Monday, Oct. 28. I wondered why he chose to take a walk without me, my brother, Jethro, and his beloved wife, Jenny.

When Jenny returned home from work to an empty house, she discovered a note on Robert’s computer stating  he was taking one last walk along our favorite forest path. Next to his computer lie his keys, wallet, cell phone and an empty gun case. She was so terribly pained and saddened by such a final scene. She learned that Robert chose to take his own life in order to stop the pain he carried in his head and heart. Other clues revealed that he studied the definition of “forgiveness” and asked for forgiveness for the harm he had caused for the act he was about to commit. His blog entries provided visual suggestions of his struggles.  (

Jenny had never understood how much he suffered from overwhelming depression until that day when he moved “beyond the wall.” The pain she now carries in her own head and heart is heavy and hard to bear for Robert was such a beautiful person and a dream come true in Jenny’s life, and I knew it.

When  lived in Round Valley, Robert first began to court her.  I would be ecstatic when his car pulled into the driveway. My landlord finally had to confront Robert and ask what was so special about him. Did he carry fishsticks in his pockets or what?  No, I knew true love and knew that Jenny and he were meant for one another and insured that they remain together and get married.  Jenny was blessed with over three years of shared memories with Robert. He lifted her up, gave her joy, and helped her believe in herself. She swore he was the most honest, intelligent, kindest, gentlest, sweetest soul on earth…and I think she was right, too.

She and Robert created the Rim Country Informant as a labor of love and a desire to give voice to that portion of the community that was multi-talented, generous, kind, and caring. They liked to share a side of the Rim Country that was overflowing with love and goodness, creativity and generosity. Alas, without Robert’s extreme talent in publishing and design skills, computer knowledge and creativity, the Informant will be no longer. Darn, Tucker’s Tale’s may be coming to an end.

I wanted to share this last tale with all those who loved and cared for Robert’s kind spirit and honest, goodhearted principles. She never knew that so many shared her sentiments about her special husband. She wished that Robert had known how much love, respect, and appreciation he had gained from all the lives he had touched. His tale was far too short. Perhaps, with the proper professional help, he might still be with us today. And so I ask that those  who may be suffering from deep-seated depression, get help, please. It’s like eating the most savory dog treats every day!

May Robert now rest in peace and may the community keep my master’s hope and legacy alive by somehow keeping the Rim Country Informant alive! One final edition will be printed with the comments from friends and family who were touched by Robert’s gentle spirit. If you want to contribute a comment, please e-mail my master (Jenny) at

(A memorial will be held at the Lantry household, 2807 Palmer in Payson, from 2-5 pm on Sunday, Nov. 3. In lieu of flowers, please bring an appetizer along with any stories you want to share. We want to honor his life.)

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Ginger Moran said...

I never met Robert but I knew him. I was married to his youngest brother and am the mom of two of his nephews. Robert (I knew him as Michael) called the hospital the day my older son was born. He wanted to congratulate his brother, but my husband had gone home to take a shower. I talked to my sons' uncles who was overjoyed for his little brother. We didn't talk long and my marriage didn't last long, but I will never forget how much warmth and love came across the phone lines that day. I felt like my son had been welcomed by someone with a deep heart and I will never forget it. My two sons are both men of deep heart and I like to think the good of the Lantry men lives in them. May Robert rest in the love that he carried forever.