Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Group calls AG Tom Horne on his indiscretions

demands return of $400,000 in illegal campaign funds

Mesa, AZ, November 8, 2013 – The Arizona Public Integrity Alliance (AZPIA) announced today that it is launching a statewide public education effort via print, TV, and web ( to call attention to unethical behavior by Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne.  The ad can be seen on our Facebook page, and here. 

On October 17, 2013, Mr. Horne was ordered to repay $400,000 in funds due to illegal campaign coordination with an independent expenditure committee. Three weeks after receiving the order, Mr. Horne has not yet repaid the funds.  AZPIA is calling on Mr. Horne to immediately comply with the order.  Failure to do so undermines Mr. Horne’s credibility as the state’s highest ranking law enforcement official. 

“We believe Tom Horne has demonstrated a pattern of unethical behavior,” said AZPIA Chairman Steve Cox.  “We are particularly concerned that he is on the record saying he doesn’t intend to repay the $400,000 he has been ordered to repay.  He must believe the public doesn’t care.  We care.  And, as a result of our ad campaign, Mr. Horne will find that everyone expects more from our leaders.”
Disregard for campaign finance law joins other lapses in ethical judgment to form a troubling pattern.  The FBI reported observing Tom Horne as the driver in a hit and run accident in a parking garage.  The FBI also alleged Horne was having an affair with a woman he hired to work in the A.G. office, and that they were together when the accident occurred, possibly explaining why Horne fled the scene without attempting to contact the accident victim and pay for the damage caused. 

Tom Horne is Arizona’s top attorney.  His personal behavior and his failure to immediately obey this compliance order create a crisis of trust,” said Pace Ellsworth, AZPIA Treasurer. “How can he demand others comply with the very laws he disregards?”
Arizona Public Integrity Alliance (AZPIA) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting principles of integrity and accountability for government and elected officials.  

Website:  Facebook: Arizona Public Integrity Alliance.

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