Thursday, November 28, 2013

P-S water board resignations accepted

The PSWID Board Recall is now officially over.
On Tuesday, November, 25th, the Gila County Board of Supervisors
accepted theresignations of the five PSWID board members, which
DISSOLVED the entire board including Sam Schwalm and Tom
Tommie Cline Martin had stated that she wanted to host a TOWN
discuss the PSWID district optionswith the community. She then
postponed that meeting due to a conflict of timingwith a CBOS
function. On the website, a meeting was scheduled for
the Dec. 19th, and has subsequently postponed, too, with the
possibility that the meeting will not occur until the regularly
scheduled January Water Board meeting. An update will be sent
out when the meeting will actually take place. Whatever the date
of this proposed meeting, the Pine Strawberry Community
needs to show solidarity on the issues by showing up. This 
is EXTREMELY important.
We encourage you to write letters to the CBOS (Gila County Board
of Supervisors)! The Pine Strawberry Community needs to be in
charge of its own water issues. It's important the community be heard
by emailing the CBOS respectfully asking thata board is either
appointed from the PSWID BOARD RECALL COMMITTEE list of
candidates or elections are scheduled AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!.
The CBOS needs to be aware that the Pine Strawberry community
IS involved with the issues. Pleasemake time in your busy holiday
schedules to write and send these emails. For theCBOS to hear
the community, this is the only way to communicate the communities'
concerns and wishes.


BE AWARE! The figure proposed for the bond issue
has been RAISED from the already absurd 7.5 Million Dollars,
to 12 Million! (PSWID Board Meeting, NOV 2013

It is of the crucial importance that the CBOS be aware that the
Pine Strawberry community IS involved with the issues. Please
make time in your busy schedules to write and send these emails.
For the CBOS to hear the community, this is the only way to
communicate the  communities' concerns and wishes.
The email addresses:
Michael Pastor,
CBOS Chair

Tommie Cline Martin,
CBOS Vice Chair

Bradley Beauchamp,
Gila Cty Atty

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Next act under the big top... said...

Slick move by the Fab 5. Now the recallers can't stack the Board in their image.
Yes. Do write to the CBOS and urge them to wait until the November general election so those of us without any axe to grind, like the recallers, will have plenty of time to vet those candidates who step up to run for the next addition of this circus.