Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sign PSWID recall petition Saturday

 Collecting PSWID RECALL Signatures

Nov. 16th, 10am to 4pm

Sign Petitions at the RAMADA
in downtown Pine
across from the Post Office

The requirements for signing a petition are as follows:
  • Be a registered voter in the state of Arizona. Sorry Out-of-Staters... But only registered voters of Arizona are permitted to take part in Arizona petitions/elections.
  • Be a full-time or part-time resident of Pine/Strawberry, where you either pay a water bill or pay PSWID property taxes in the Pine/Strawberry area. This means you may be in the middle of Pine, but have your own well and not be connected to the PSWID water system... But because you pay PSWID property taxes, you are allowed a sign and vote on this issue.
  • Any registered voter who meets the above requirements can sign the petition and participate in the election. Husbands, wives, children over 18 (multiple signatures per household qualify)... As long as they meet the requirements above, all can sign and participate.

 Information: 928-951-3292

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