Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Duh - It's why they call it insurance


[Gazette Blog Editor's note: The following letter appeared in the Nov. 19 Arizona Republic.  Obviously, we liked it a lot.]

I am tired of people who are whining about the Affordable Care Act because they may have to buy insurance that covers services they may never need.

If you are one of those whiners and have children in public school, I hope you appreciate that their education is being paid for by thousands of people who will never need those services.

If you are nearing Medicare age, I urge you to reject it because it covers some services you may never use.

And you will have to drop all private health insurance policies since their premiums factor in the cost of covering all services they provide, even the ones you don't use.

And if you decide not to enroll for any health insurance, please don't go to an emergency room if you get ill.

You will probably need some service and I'll end up paying for it.

Just hop in your car, for which you are paying some private insurance company premiums that cover accidents that you have never had, and go to Las Vegas.

You are betting your future that your health will beat the odds, and Vegas loves sucker bets.

Ron Woerner

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Because there's more going on in the world than local 911 transcripts.  Isn't the real story about easy access to guns?  Why isn't the Roundup covering that angle?  Why does the Roundup always stoop to the lowest common denominator? 

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