Saturday, August 24, 2013

600,000 ask Obama to ban public lands fracking

Center for Biological Diversity
Karen Ferridun of Gas Truth with the 600,000 commentsHere's hoping President Obama checks his mail and messages: This week, more than half a million people called on the president to halt fracking on public land.

Earlier today a coalition of environmental and consumer organizations, including the Center, delivered more than 600,000 comments opposing public lands fracking -- like the fracking that occurs on 700 million acres controlled by the Bureau of Land Management (where nearly 90 percent of all wells are fracked). Activists with the Center and allies flooded the White House switchboard with the same message on Wednesday.

Our message is urgent and unmistakable: Americans want President Obama to protect our beautiful public lands and communities. Fracking contaminates air and water and disrupts our climate. The president has a duty to protect all of these precious goods by standing up to the oil and gas industry.

Thanks to all of you who spoke out, especially those who took a moment to call the White House.

Learn more about our work to protect lands and wildlife from fracking.

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