Thursday, August 8, 2013

Welcome cyclists, save 50% at ReStore

6662.jpgJust got off the phone with Andrew Stein, leader of the Maine to Santa Barbara Bike & Build Cyclists. Our bicyclists are anticipated to arrive at around 4:00pm at the ReStore on Sunday, Aug.11. There are 27 total riding into town down AZ 260 from ShowLow. Won’t you join us for music, food, fun and 50% off at the ReStore for everyone that comes to welcome our riders.
On Monday, our Bike & Build riders will be painting a BWK project in Pine and working on the Time-Out Transitional houses here in Payson.

If you would like to help volunteer on either of these projects, please email me back so I can plan for your participation.

Thank you!

Cindy Kofile
Executive Director
Payson Area Habitat for Humanity, Inc.

Ever considered volunteering? How about helping others in our community with
our Brush with Kindness home repair program? Give us a call!

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