Monday, August 19, 2013

AARP opposes Social Security means testing

By: Carl Erickson, AARP Arizona State President

There’s a proposal being considered in Washington that would change the way Social Security benefits are calculated for people who have incomes or assets above a certain level.  It’s called means testing.

AARP opposes this proposal and believes that Social Security benefits should continue to be based on contributions made to the program by an individual, not based on other income sources. 

Historically, Social Security has been provided to anyone who has paid into the system and meets the work/age requirements regardless of income, investments, pension or savings.  AARP believes that should continue.

A person should receive his or her Social Security benefits if they’ve been earned.

Means testing would forever change the fundamental nature of Social Security and erode or eliminate the important relationship between contributions made into the program and benefits received.

Please send your representative in Congress a message and urge them to oppose means testing Social Security at AARP’s website: .

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