Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Orleans-style jazz comes to Payson

The band will give a preview performance at the Journigan House restaurant on Saturday 7 - 10 p.m....

Dr Jass & the Heartbeats
Heart and Soul Original American Music
New Orleans-Style Traditional Jazz At It's Best

2 p.m. Sunday, August 11th

The Community Presbyterian Church
800 West Main Street, Payson

The Church is near Green Valley Park and provides plenty of parkingand easy access to an air conditioned sanctuary having ample seating.

$5 per person donation includes refreshments.

An RSVP is not required, but recommended.

Featured band members:
 Dr Claudio Zamorano - cornet
Dale Knighton - banjo, guitar, vocals & noisemakers
Suzanne Knighton - bass, guitar, vocals & noisemakers
Hawkeye Mathews - clarinet
Gerry Reynolds - drums

You just can't stop tapping your toe -- you want to dance. This band really swings! The roots of this music are found in early 20th century New Orleans marching bands that led mourners to funerals, and then away to celebrate those at final rest. Of course, as this totally original musical art form began to become known across the country, and the world, it was duplicated in various new forms -- Chicago-style or Kansas City style, and four-beat style for example. By the mid century, Trad Jazz was being played in even the most discriminating establishments in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and other major cities. It was only fitting that high collars and ties, suits and vests, and "skimmer" hats be worn by the musicians as this music had become a permanent part of the best music being performed in the best places of the time.

I'd like to add:  My dad played an awesome tenor sax (so they tell me) in a band with a banjo, trombone, cornet, clarinet, bass and trap set player. They were all from Piedmont, California, and for a few years they performed on an American President Lines steamer, sailing around the world several times. Those were the times! Dr Jass & the Heartbeats relives them in a live performance you won't want to miss.  
-Gerry Reynolds

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