Friday, August 16, 2013

Merrily watering CP golf course while Rome burns

Remember our tantrums awhile back over the deal the Town of Payson made with Chaparral Pines to supply C.C. Cragin water for its golf course for 49 years - and then pretend it was not potable water anyway - and then pretend said water could be sucked back up out of the ground and resold?  Remember that?

If you needed any proof that water is a precious commodity in the Southwest, you'll want to read a front page story in today's Arizona Republic headlined: "Water fears rise as Lake Powell drops."  

The story begins:
"Water-conservation groups warned Thursday of drastic cutbacks in water releases from Lake Powell into the lower Colorado River because of drought conditions, but state officials and a Central Arizona Project spokesman sought to downplay alarm over shortages."

Don't know about you, but I still maintain that providing potable water to a gated community golf course for 49 years in the middle of a nasty drought is really dumb and really shortsighted.  And it's insulting to Rim Country residents to play games with the truth as the mayor has done without being challenged by a local newspaper that should be presenting both sides of a story like this.

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