Saturday, July 13, 2013



If you doubt that racism still exists in this country...explain this jury's decision any other way.


Anonymous said...

You cannot win a case if you don't have one. There was a very reasonable doubt that there was no second degree murder or manslaughter committed. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Ignoring the facts of this case does not serve the cause of civil liberties. A black lynch mob going after a white plantiff is not any different than a white mob going after a black plantiff. Based on the evidence presented the jury reached the only possible conclusion. Any other decision would have been racist.

Anonymous said...

Self are the racist careful who you assault, the same may happen to you.

Anonymous said...

I love that you keep showing the picture of him when he was 14 so as to portray him as an innocent little kid.

Anonymous said...


Obviously you didn't follow the evidence.

Anonymous said...

The verdict was based on evidence. The race card would have been a guilty verdict.

Jim Keyworth said...

So he was somehow less an innocent kid because he was a couple of years older than the photo.

Skittles and Arizona Tea vs. a stalking wannabe cop with a gun?

You can't call this justice.

You can't.


Anonymous said...

Yes I can call it justice.

Why? Because I looked at the facts and evidence of the case.

Unlike you, I don't let hate for white people cloud my judgement.

Jim Keyworth said...

I am white, so I resemble that remark.

Being white, I don't hate white people. My family is white. My wife is white. Most of my friends are white.

I am, however, embarrassed to be white - at least until this all wears off.

You can slice this any way you want, but the man had a gun and he went after an unarmed teenager when the cops told him to back off. That's not innocent behavior.

If I had been Trayvon, I would have tried to kick the crap out of him too. What choice did he have?

Jim Keyworth