Sunday, July 21, 2013

Time on our side as GOP runs scared


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I have read with great satisfaction all the recent letters critical of "liberals," "liberal Democrats," "liberal leftists," etc., simply because such attacks suggest the conservative right is scared and feels the need to attack and malign.

And why should this be so?  Because almost all the principles we "liberals" have advocated for since the 1960s are now coming to fruition.

Civil rights is a foregone conclusion.  Gay marriage is making great progress.  Social Security increases in popularity.  Women are empowered and thriving.  Children prosper in multiple parental arrangements.  Sex and sex education are mere clicks away.  Abortion is a legal right.  Universal health care is just around the corner.  Religious belief declines steadily.  The role of government grows stronger.  Americans remain stubbornly concerned about the welfare of those less fortunate.  Even marijuana is legal in some places.

This country has become exactly what conservatives abhor.

Modeled by the U.S. House of Representatives, about all the conservatives can do now is refuse to participate, rail against liberals, and (where they can) pass reactionary and certainly temporary bills.

The conservative right is angry, and they have every right to be because beneath it all, Americans just do not want their vision or their principles.

Bob Bradford
Fountain Hills


Anonymous said...

1. Social Security increases in popularity. (Popularity is a goal?)
2. Children prosper in multiple parental arrangements. (What is a “multiple parental arrangement?”)
3. Sex and sex education are mere clicks away. (You mean pornography?)
4. Abortion is a legal right. (Maybe murder can be a legal right too?)
5. Religious belief declines steadily. (OMFG! Decline in religion is considered progress?)
6. Role of government grows stronger. (Only an idiot would want stronger government)

The above are principles we can all be proud of? I say no! And I bet many do not believe these are outcomes to brag about – except this fricking moron Bob Bradford.

What a waste of print space in the AZ Rag.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find such hogwash?