Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Globe kidnaps GCC meeting, starts revolt

Free tuition for seniors, 25%
tuition cut endanger budget

By Tom Loeffler
Board Member
Gila Community College

The July Gila Community College Board meeting began not with the usual presidential opening but with a member of the Globe contingency calling the special meeting to order. The three Globe board members signed a document requesting a special meeting, as the law allows.

This meeting was the result of board member Sam Moorhead’s request for a tuition schedule placement on the July agenda. President Stephenson denied this request because Moorhead had not completed the tuition survey as promised.

The special meeting had Moorhead’s proposed tuition reduction schedule as the only agenda item. President Stephenson refused to attend and partake in this meeting. Moorhead introduced the schedule and asked for discussion.

Board member Tom Loeffler from Payson began a list of questions challenging the proposed schedule. Loeffler asked for a copy of the supporting data used to develop such a schedule. There was no data research made in constructing the reduced tuition schedule. Questions about the source of funds to support this reduction and to pay for the administrative cost to refund hundreds of course payment were not answered.

Loeffler ended his questioning by stating that the new tuition schedule, if adopted, would reduce the operating budget by about $400,000 and since next year’s budget had already been adopted, cutbacks and possible furloughs and layoffs were possible. Moorhead’s response to Loeffler’s statement was “your comments have been duly noted.”

Following that statement the three Globe members voted and passed the motion to reduce the tuition schedule by 25% and to again offer free tuition to those over 55 years of age.

With that the regular meeting chaired by Stephenson began. Loeffler reported that the board had received six proposals from lobbying firms wanting to represent GCC Community College. The board will select three to make a presentation at an upcoming meeting. A policy regarding the board’s Code of Conduct as well as one providing tuition assistance for employees were turned back for revisions.

Board members Stephenson and Loeffler left the meeting with no understanding as to how the college was going to made up the four to five hundred thousand dollar shortfall and still be able to provide the quality education students and parents expect.

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Anonymous said...

GCC Board needs take a remedial math class. Tuition costs are up for every college/university around the world - except Gila. The enrollment trends mirror the exodus from Gila County as families look for work. Appears the GCC Board likes to keep the staff on furlough days. Very sad leadership on display by the entire board - north south east or west