Monday, April 15, 2013

Hunger strike for cannabis legalization

It is time for the government to stop warring on peaceful people and extremely beneficial plants, so i am commencing a hunger strike for peace for ALL life, beginning on April 20.  This is an open, public hunger strike.  I will be at 515 East Rancho, Payson, AZ.

I ask people to come, share stories, meditate and pray for peace with me, and help me get the notions of peace for all life into our world.  I will be praying and meditating on that land until the federal government does the right thing, and ceases warring on peaceful people and beneficial plants, specifically cannabis.

Please come any day, whatever your beliefs, and let's talk about how we get to peace on planet earth.  Call 928-478-6935 or 760-969-8746 for more info.  Looking forward to peace for all!

joyous rainbow cat


Jim Estess said...

Sounds like this wing nut has already tapped the cannibis plant a wee bit heavy today. I'll bet when the munchies kick in his
"hunger strike" will end.

Jim Estess
Former Pine resident.

Jim Keyworth said...

Funny, Jim.

Anonymous said...

joyous rainbow cat?