Thursday, September 27, 2012

How Mitt dodged the draft

Mitt Romney:

by Hugh E. Scott--freelance journalist, political cartoonist, Vietnam veteran and creator of the noncommercial website,

In 2007, when a reporter asked him why he didn't serve in the military during the Vietnam War, Romney dodged the question by saying he“longed to be in Vietnam," even though he had used four deferments to evade the draft.
More recently, when asked why his five grown sons hadn't worn the uniform, Mitt replied, "Instead of serving in the military, they are
supporting our nation by helping me get elected because they think I'd make a great president."
The audacity of that pompous statement alone disqualifies Governor Romney from being the leader of our armed forces. For incredibly to me--and I'm sure to you as well--he actually believes that political campaigning is equal to military service. A man like that who has no understanding of what it means to be a soldier, sailor, airman or marine, is the absolute last person who should be their commander-in-chief.

Mitt's inability to relate to military service was never more apparent than when he delivered his acceptance speech at the GOP convention in Tampa, Florida. Shamefully, not once did he pay tribute to our troops
overseas. Nor did he ever mention the Afghan War.
Finally, Governor Romney is unfit for command because he lacks the single-
most important element of leadership: INTEGRITY. Time and again, he has lied and distorted facts while campaigning against President Obama. With a dishonest record like that, how can the American people trust Mitt to be truthful when it comes to armed conflicts?

The sad fact is, we can't.


Anonymous said...

Shall we just overlook Obama's ADMITTED "misleading" ads?

And I don't remember hearing what HIS military record is. Where did he serve? I don't have the impression Obama has the respect of our current military. Why should they? They go into harm's way to get Bin Laden and Obama acts like he was the one who pulled the trigger. His only contribution to the effort was to not tell them they couldn't carry out the mission.

And what Romney's sons are doing is nobody's business because Romney doesn't own them. Can you force YOUR kids to do anything they don't choose to do?

Romney is a lousy choice, but if you can't see that Obama is far worse, then I have to wonder if you flunked math in the third grade because at the rate he's going we're going to be bankrupt before long.

Anonymous said...

Amen- May God have mercy on anyone who votes for this idiot, little rich boy who could care less about the working class since he has never worked a day in his life!