Saturday, September 15, 2012

Embarrassing Brewer goes off again

PHOENIX, AZ--In a rambling interview with the New York Times Magazine Governor Jan Brewer once again revealed her brand of extreme politics to the rest of the nation.
Like a child chastised for bad behavior, the Governor once again blamed the President for their infamous tarmac confrontation. She tells the Times the President was to blame and was "petty and thin skinned."
"The governor still won't acknowledge that her actions were disrespectful to the President and to Arizonans who hold the office of the President in high esteem," said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Frank Camacho.
In another statement reminiscent of her “beheadings in the desert" declaration, Governor Brewer said the violence south of Arizona’s border in Mexico was "spilling over into our state."
"That statement shows the Governor is willing to stretch the truth whenever she thinks it will serve her political self-interest," Camacho said.

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