Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'World-class' university in Payson pure hogwash


If we needed evidence that Mayor Kenny Evans is blowing a lot of smoke about the ASU Payson Campus, it hit us right between the eyes in Pete Aleshire's Roundup story "Hope is college will draw top students" (Nov. 30).  Seems Hizzoner told those attending a Citizens Awareness Committee meeting that the new institution will be a "world-class" university.

Folks, the main ASU campus in Tempe is not even considered a "world-class" university.  For Evans to say the Payson campus will be is just pure hogwash -- a term Farmer Evans is surely more familiar with than "world-class."

In fact, there are no "world-class" universities in Arizona, and Payson isn't about to have the first.  "World-class" universities are the Princetons, Harvards, Yales and Oxfords of the world -- and they aren't built overnight as Kenny is promising to do.

Most troubling, the Roundup has once again let him get away with a grandiose proclamation that has no basis in fact.  C'mon Pete, you're a better journalist than that.  Ask the mayor where he got such a notion.

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