Saturday, December 11, 2010

Police, town council need to stay out of bedroom


Excuse us, but shouldn't the bedroom be off limits?

We're referring, of course, to the latest front page story in the local newspaper about the demotion of Lt. Donald Garvin to sergeant for having an "affair" with the wife of a DPS officer while she was separated from her husband and planning to get a divorce.  Garvin is not married.

The conservative Payson Town Council voted unanimously to support conservative Police Chief Don Engler who wanted Garvin demoted, and, of course, the local paper was right there to smear him on the front page.

This editor knows Donny Garvin personally and has for many years.  He is, far and away, my favorite cop, and an outstanding human being.  The town council and the PPD need to stay the hell out of his personal life if it doesn't affect his performance on the job.  And no, saying he damaged relations between PPD and DPS doesn't cut it. 

Folks, when they start following us into our bedrooms, they've gone too far.  This is an issue we all - left, right and center - should be able to agree on.

Jim Keyworth
Gazette Blog Editor


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. The cowboy council has overstepped on this one. What's next-punative action for officers "rubbing one out?"

Anonymous said...

If Mr Garvin is not married and the woman you are talking about was seperated from her husband and of age, can it really be considered an affair. It sounds like to me it is more like two consenting adults getting caught with thier pants down. there are a lot worse things going on in in pv to worry about then that. Like getting the real pedifials off the streets

Anonymous said...

Taking Devil's Advocacy, what about the public's perception of those in law enforcement? Shouldn't we expect more of those behind the shield, believing their integrity is above reproach? Along with having full confidence in their ability in remaining covenant with the oath taken upon receipt of the badge and deeper civic commitment to their community?
Not looking to flame anyone, just putting another thought out in cyber land.

bccpan said...

If they do t to a cop and get away with it which they will not expect a suit we will pay for they will soon be looking into our bedrooms. They are not having sex on main street so the council has no right to get involved.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jim.
The only time that the Town of Payson or the Payson Police Department use the "ethics" platform, is when it benefits them.

They all took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the USA. Yet if they do not like you, then forget your rights and you better keep your mouth shut or retribution will come knocking at your door from the police department.

That is the truth and God knows it. They have set themselves up as gods. But my God will soon laugh at them, and the voice of thunder that will roar out of His mouth will roll them all to the ground like a bowling ball knocking the pins down. Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

The Payson Police Department rank and file have no integrity.

Each and every officer took an oath to uphold the US Constitution.

There is a hidden fight and agenda going on that will soon be revealed.

Integrity is upholding the US Constitution and doing your job according to the Constitution EVEN WHEN YOU PERSONALLY DO NOT WANT TO.


And YOU don’t stand by and watch others do the same and keep quiet.
By doing so, you are just as guilty as them.

Either do the job and do it right or get out.

The “ends” never justifies the means!

Anonymous said...

I hope Donny files a law suit against the Town of Payson

I hope that I am called for jury duty on this case

During the jury selection process, when they ask me questions to try and decide if I am partial to the way they have treated Donny

I will lie threw my teeth!

Go for it Donny, you have many friends in Payson!

Anonymous said...

Look at finding number two about the romantic relationship between Garvin and the woman who applied to be a police officer. Garvin was to be part of the hiring process. He was not supposed to have a private relationship with a candidate. I think I heard the town lawyer say that each officer must yearly sign a pledge that involves more than work time... but their private life also.