Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Small town police scare the hell out of me'


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Gov. Brewer needs a heart transplant
It is very pathetic that our governor has no heart. She does not care about people, but only of things. I don’t personally know anyone who needs a transplant, but maybe the governor should get a heart transplant so she could become a caring human being. What she has done to the people of this state is beyond comprehension.


You usually get what you vote for
You people knew what you were electing when you elected (Gov.) Brewer. You get what you vote for. You elect right wing Republicans, you get right wing values, and that’s sure not about compassion for the little guy. It’s about tax breaks for the rich, underfunding education, and killing social programs. Oh yeah, and making up stuff about our president because he’s black.


It's all about tax cuts for the rich
Where’s the outrage from the Tea Party Bozos now that the GOP has shown its true colors. It’s not about fiscal responsibility. It’s not about reducing the deficit. It’s not about cutting spending. It’s not about accountability. It’s all about tax cuts for the rich.


Small town police departments scary
OK, what’s the real story behind Lt. Don Garvin’s demotion? And why didn’t a single town councilor try to get to the bottom of it? Small town police departments scare the hell out of me.


ADEQ needs to check our air quality
Welcome to Choke Country. There’s a new slogan for John Stanton and Cameron Davis. Now that it’s gotten cold, the Rim Country is choking on smoke from all the wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Has anybody from town or county government asked ADEQ to check our pollution levels? Some mornings it seems worse than the smog in the Valley. When will we learn to take care of our environment?


Get down to Main St. and eat at MoJoe's
If you haven’t checked out the newly expanded MoJoe’s Café on Main Street, get on over there. If Main Street is ever going to make it, we need restaurants. Let’s give this noble venture our support.


So stop the complaining and read the Roundup
Tis the season, so let’s stop complaining and debating and show a little gratitude for all our blessings. It’s enough to drive one to the Roundup where they tell you what to think and believe.

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