Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello Congress: Wake up and smell the suffering

Phoenix – With federal funding for extended unemployment insurance benefits running out earlier this week, 800,000 Americans have already lost their benefits and nearly two million Americans are expected to lose them by the end of December. In response, Organizing for America-Arizona (OFA-AZ) State Director Jessica Jones released the following statement urging Members of Congress to pass an extension:

“Although the economy is on the road to recovery, the job market remains extremely tough for millions of Americans. For many of these individuals – who lost their job through no fault of their own – unemployment insurance provides a lifeline during tough times. During the Bush Administration, Members of Congress put partisanship aside to extend these vital benefits for those Americans most in need. Unfortunately, since President Obama took office Republicans in the House and Senate have opposed, obstructed or delayed the extension of unemployment benefits and are doing so again.

“OFA volunteers across Arizona are urgently calling on Members of Congress to stop playing political games and immediately extend this important lifeline to millions of Americans who depend on them.”

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Noble said...

Republicans don't care, and Republican leaders care even less.
John Kyl and even John McCain should be shamed for their "lock Step" "Do Nothing but play a party politics game" stand.
When have either of these pretenders done any real good for their state or for the U.S.for that matter? Instead of rising above narrow minded political games and becoming real leaders and problem solvers, they live in their Ivory Tower, completely insulated from the real world which desperately needs help.

Shame on them both!