Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blog readers critical of council demotion of Garvin

Many Rim Country Gazette Blog readers have responded in writing to our commentary about the recent demotion of former Lt. Donnie Garvin by the Payson Police Department and Payson Town Council -- and the overwhelming majority are outraged.

We've also had numerous phone calls thanking us for taking a stand on this issue.  A typical response: "There's something going on behind the scenes that we're not being told.  There's more to this than meets the eye."

Our point is that the PPD and the town council should stay out of Garvin's bedroom unless his private life can be proven detrimental to the performance of his duties.  We also believe Garvin's demonstrated moral character and past performance should count for more than it has.  

We believe he deserves an apology and reinstatement to his former position.  But don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

We invite you to click on PERSPECTIVE at the right to see our original post and a selection of the comments we have received.  And we remind you that the Gazette Blog is now the lone independent voice in town -- a voice for the little guy, for the truth, and for maintaining and enhancing our quality of life in the Rim Country. 

Thanks for reading it.

Jim Keyworth


Noble said...

Hardly anyone knew "The rest of the story" before your blog. I, for one, took the Roundup story at face value (always a mistake!) because I knew nothing of the man or the circumstances.
This is hardly a case of infidelity (although Goody Evans and the accusers have quickly placed their scarlet "A" in judgement)
Nor, apparently, has anyone shown any dereliction in duty.
Once the facts are known, this is blatantly a case of moral judgement being inflicted to punish someone.
If this is allowed to stand, the town of Payson comes very close to being under the same rule as a Muslim country.
Those who have thrown stones should be required to pick them up or have their own personal lives come under scrutiny.

Jim Keyworth said...

Did you all notice that former police chief (and current chief Engler's buddy) Gordy Gartner's wife "wrote" a letter to the Roundup defending the demotion of Don Garvin? Now how unbiased do you suppose "she" is? And how brazen? And how stupid do they think we are? And why didn't the Roundup carry any dissenting viewpoints?

So many questions. So blatantly one-sided. There's a whole new crop of good ole boys running this town, and the Roundup is their mouthpiece.

Here's a couple more questions: after Garvin's demotion, how much confidence do you have in the integrity of the Payson Police Department? And of the Payson Town Council?

How ironic that Gartner's wife's letter is headlined "Police officers need integrity, high moral standards."